TUES: 6:15pm

THURS: 8:30am             

SAT: 9:30am

Dance Fitness is a fun and safe method to meet both your fitness needs and your dance needs. Nothing quiet feeds the soul like dancing your heart out to great music with friends. Whether it's building strength, burning calories, or having a blast, dancing is the best method to achieve your goals. Come find your groove with us at The Yoga House in Kutztown, PA or invite us over to your place...we enjoy taking the party on the road.


WED: 9:30am

SUN: 9:30am

THURS: 6:15pm

It’s coming September 1st. Are you ready

 Health Bounce is an amazing way to eliminate toxins and waste from your body by stimulating the lymphatic systems.  The lymphatic system is how the body rids itself of toxins and wastes but, it has no internal pump unlike the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  This class provides the pumping action through the "health bounce" utilizing a trampoline.  This class is not what you're thinking it is.  There is no high impact bouncing nor jumping.  This class can improve your health, your incontinence, your pelvic floor control, your core strength, and complete body wellness. 


TUES: 7:15pm


Sling Yoga is a fantastic opportunity to experience your body in new and exciting ways.  You'll leave feeling relaxed and blissful.  This class is a level one staying grounded format suitable for beginners.  If you're looking for more excitement and challenging aerial experiences, then our Flips and Tricks Workshops would be more appropriate.  You can also gather some friends together and have your own private class.  Only $15.00 per person.  Check out our news page for upcoming workshops and information. 


WED: 8:30am

SAT: 8:30am

Pilates Reformer Equipment class utilizes a sliding carriage that completely supports the body during exercises.  This class is based off the work of Joseph Pilates and is a fantastic way to learn how to isolate the core muscles and pelvic floor muscles for optimal body functioning.  This class is accessible to the beginner student and especially helpful for those with injuries.

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