Brandi has more than 20+ years experience bringing the most progressive, accessible, and motivational forms of yoga, dance fitness, trampoline, and wellness to Berks County.   She holds a Master's Degree in Dance Education from Temple University and is an Experienced Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.  As a retired professional dancer she brings the skills to create dynamic classes that are accessible to both beginner and experienced students and the passion to share her love of dance, yoga, and fitness in a safe and supportive environment.  Her unique programs aim to bring about real and lasting change in participants.  The impact the programs can have are amazing!

     "Many things concern me, but none more sadly than the declining sense of humanity exhibited today.  Qualities like kindness, consideration, compassion, and empathy are no longer commonplace.  In its place, depression, self-loathing, and other psychosomatic dysfunctions appear to have taken residency.  These types of emotions cause mental and spiritual discourse and can also "somatize," or become expressed in the body.  This resulting atmosphere is largely contributing to the decline in health and wellness and the increase in obesity and depression.             Researchers are attempting to unmask the underlying reasons why people tend to feel worse even though life has been getting better, economically and materially.  It has been and continues to be my lifelong passion to help people uncover the parasitical elements eroding their self-esteem, self-image, and well-being and provide them tools to build a healthier and happier future that includes methods to improve cardiovascular health and bodily awareness.  By embracing the body one can develop feelings of self-acceptance and self-love that ultimately produces feeling of joy and compassion.

     Unfortunately, thinking has become our primary mode of being while our bodies have become appendages we tend to ignore.  Indeed, becoming an adult means that we no longer have to do the things we did as kids.  But this type of thinking can bring with it unavoidable results.  Research has concluded;  when we reduce our sphere of physical activities, we reduce our chances for health and longevity.  Those who believe that activity should decrease as the aging process advances are surrendering themselves to a slow act of decay.  No advice is more treacherous than this:  "Now that you're getting older, you ought to slow down a bit."  This is a pathway leading directly to decrepitude.  

     Maturation should bring with it learning and an increase in functioning; mentally, physically, and spiritually which allow us to live life fully.  However, this is not what usually occurs.  In place of learning, we deny, repress, conform, and alter ourselves for various reasons starting at a very young age.  This becomes a problem when our mind-body connections become confused or blocked.  This confusion causes us to lose contact with our body's awareness, knowledge, and wisdom and a condition known as "sensory motor amnesia" takes hold eroding our personal power.  Sensory motor amnesia (SMA) was coined by Thomas Hanna, Ph.D., often referred to as the founder of the field of Somatics.  SMA is a memory loss of how certain muscles  feel and how to control them.  Because this memory loss occurs within the central nervous system, we are unconscious of its affects.  A person's image of whom they are, what they can experience, and what they can do is profoundly diminished by sensory-motor amnesia.  Basically, body amnesia replaces bodily knowledge.  Hanna believes that this primary event, and its secondary effects, causes the symptoms society falsely associates with "growing older."

     Another element eroding our person hood is the constant bombardment of negative information that we are not good enough; we are not thin enough; we are not successful enough; we are not young enough, and eventually we acclimate to this "conditioning" and believe this marketing tactic as truth.  We tend to forget that this marketing was created to keep up off balance and confused.  The powers that be want society to feel this way so that the average citizen will continue to spend their money on products marketed to acquire an unattainable fantasy of perfection.  Comments like " if only I were thinner or has less wrinkles, then I'd be more successful...I'd certainly be happier, " permeate our thoughts and distort our sense of self.  We need to stand up and regain possession of ourselves.  Turn off the marketing madness and tune into the marvelous, creative energy waiting within the body to discover.  It will be worth the investment in yourself and ultimately those around you.  Recapture a childhood sense of freedom and fun and find your own intuitive voice.  Recreate the type of person you wish to be minus the negative, self-loathing messages of the past.

     I believe my programs can help tremendously.  Please approach the techniques with an open mind and embrace your body as it currently exists.  Stop berating yourself and instead start to love yourself...embrace every roll, every wrinkle, every gray hair, every scar, every stretch mark...every ounce of your being.  Let your focus be on doing things everyday that make you happy, healthy, and joyful and in return what you think about you bring about.  Be grateful for every waking moment as tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Enjoy the process and trust that you are indeed a magical woman worthy of every desire you may have.  Through active participation you will be making an investment in your health and happiness so that you can continue to enjoy your life stronger, healthier, happier, and free from pain and this is a true blessing."

     I welcome you and embrace you...Brandi

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